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New operational objective is our first configured service that will operate as a cloud-based Field Service Managament (FSM) system to support practitioners in the fields of economic development project and policy design for Sustainable Development Goals.


SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab
1st May, 2021

The George Boole Foundation 2020 Group Audit of contributions to the Decision Analysis Initiative (DAI 2010-2020) identified Plasma.Systems, the applied development unit of SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, as the source of the cloud-based innovations with the most potential for advancing sustainable wellbeing for global communities on a commerical basis.

Plasma.Systems has completed its development of the adaptive data analysis core within time and budget. Successfully tested prototypes have been implemented as an innovation strategy planning system. This will be launched as a service via (see right).

Based on successful prototypes as tests of previous proofs of concept our contribution to the DAI 2020-20201 has changed to the design and implemetation of reporting systems for SDGToolkit a new project cycle and portfolio management system. Our overall objective is to deliver database logic to control real time dynamic data used to run options simulations as well as to makee use of Accumulog immutable data components that support systems learning and recall.

This is based on concepts identified and developed by Hector McNeill at the ITTTF in Brussels in 1985 including: Locational-State Theory to indicate required data, Accumulogs (blockchain) and in 2014, Data Reference Models, to specify data requirements in complex systems.

This work merges developments that advanced in 2020 in the form of TAP (Technology Adaptation Procedure) to help identify project options and ADA (Accumulog data access) to control the access to specific data sets in an Accumulog database.

Please note that, as an internal development unit of SEEL, any enquiries concerning the availability of Plasma.Systems products or services, should be addressed to the Lab ( )

1  The Decision Analysis Initiative is now in its second phase covering 2020-2030.
Plasma is a specialized unit of SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab
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