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During May 2019 the licensing arrangements for our design systems and modules faced price increases that would have caused our range of services to become inaccessible to our target users, professional project designers and teams in low income countries. As a result we canceled the existing licensing arrangements and have opted for Open Source systems.

This transition involved an assessment of the relevance of Plasma DB to this ongoing development. Fortunately we identified a way to reconfigure Plasma using standard file units. By applying Boolean reduction logic we have been able to generate Plasma datasets that are less than 30% of the size of competing SQL systems for the same datasets and our current developments, so far, are pushing this towards 5%.

This has opened up not only a very low cost and super fast access option but provides our technology with an exciting opening into 5G technological decision analysis applications.

We will be providing information releases as our product development progresses.

In the meantime our leading decision analysis service systems, SDGToolkit and Navatec are being transitioned to an Open Source to work with the new Plasma DB. The new Plasma DB is being demoed and prototyped and tested and we expect SDGToolkit to be launched through the George Boole Foundation in Q3 2019.

All applied research continues to be managed at SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, Hampshire, Portsmouth, UK. The main testing and pre-release evaluation unit is located at Navatec operations in the UK.

Plasma System

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The content below is maintained as an historic record only. It should not be implied that anything in this historic note necessarily applies to the new Plasma DB described on the left:

The first fully integrated cloud application with Plasma System databases or Plasmacores were rolled out at the end of January, 2018. This supported Navatec System an advanced cloud project cycle and portfolio management system.

Plasma was a database whose control codes were an indigenous JavaScript extension. It was based on server side extension of the ECMA core JavaScript standards (ECMA Standard 262 and ISO/IEC Standard 16262). It was the world's first database to be structured as a Locational-State Reference Base (LSRB), an advanced representation of reality (diversity). LSRB combines applied relativity time-space vectors made up of object orientated elements achieving a more realistic representation of any phenomena.

Plasma is a specialised unit of SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab
SEEL is the applied research division of The George Boole Foundation Limited
Navatec and SDGToolkit are public service divisions of The George Boole Foundation Limited